Celebrating International Days @ EDEN

The celebration of international days at EDEN has always been an important activity. Because this medium has always been used to increase the awareness of the environment in the young people in the surrounding communities, for we believe in catching them young, so they could grow with the spirit of caring for Gods creation.

The International Biodiversity Day celebration on the 22nd of May was celebrated with pupils from 19 primary schools. The day was celebrated with the aim of connecting these pupils with the environment. The pupils got to learn about the plants, insects and birds found on the fish farm.

A pupil observing a bird

On the 5th of June, the World Environment Day (WED) was celebrated with students from secondary schools in the communities. With the theme: Connecting People with Nature, the students were made to explore the farm and bring in their findings.

Students during WED 2017

Some student went as far as visiting the farmlands close to EDEN farm and they learnt about growing crops in green house. On this day, schools who have started conservation clubs in their schools made presentations based on what they had learnt so far and what they had experience after practicing what they had learnt.

Exploring nature at the fish farm

Exploring Nature

Indeed these days celebrations always accomplishes their aim as the awareness of these young ones are enhanced at the end of each day!

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