About us

Eden Creation Care Initiative (EDEN) is a faith-based, non-profit, conservation organization based in Jos, Nigeria that helps communities protect areas important for their biodiversity, through educational programs and scientific research.

Eden is an associated project of A Rocha International. A Rocha International is a Christian nature conservation organization, the name coming from the Portuguese word for “the rock” as the first initiative was a field study centre in Portugal.

Vision statement

EDEN envisions a Nigeria in which the Church has reclaimed God’s original mandate to humankind to love and take care of his creation, knowing that it now shares in our glorious hope of freedom in Christ.

Mission statement

EDEN exists to help communities protect areas important for their biodiversity, educating them and conducting related scientific research, all of this on the basis of the gospel of Christ.


In order to accomplish our mission, EDEN has the following specific objectives which relate to five strategic domains in conservation:

1. Community-centred conservation

To protect sites and areas within Nigeria which are of conservation value owing to their biodiversity, in collaboration with local communities.

EDEN is mobilizing communities and churches to respond to the environmental challenges in their community and to raise awareness and understanding of environmental issues, enabling communities to initiate practical conservation projects. Many rural communities depend unsustainably on local natural resources. By introducing training and support in alternative livelihoods (such as poultry, beekeeping, and snail farming) they are helping them to manage their land to benefit biodiversity as well as meeting their own long-term needs.

2. Scientific research

To undertake and facilitate scientific research in relation to conservation projects.

EDEN has two current scientific research projects. One focuses on the Mushere Forest in the Dulu area of Kadim in Bokkos Local Government,  gravely threatened habitats which is part of the remnant forest in Northern Nigeria. It provides bases for scientific research at academic institutions within and outside Nigeria. The other is at Rennajj Fish Farm in Jos which has historically been used by both fishery and ornithological scholars as a center for research. EDEN also supports mutual learning and sharing of ideas between researchers.

3. Environmental education

To provide conservation training and education for people in communities, churches and schools, especially those living close to targeted conservation sites.

EDEN have resources for different groups to use for the purpose of awareness, education and sensitization. We visit schools, churches and organizations to conduct environmental education exercises and also encourage guided tours of our project sites for bird-watching or other conservation or education related reasons. EDEN is blessed with capable facilitators that will make your learning experience memorable.

4. Partnerships and cooperation

To partner, network and cooperate with churches, community development organizations, universities, research institutes, and government departments in any way that will help achieve the above aims.

EDEN has affiliation and partnerships with a range of organizations and groups within and outside Nigeria, and is open to further collaborations that are mutually beneficial. We support exchange visits with like-minded organizations and are also willing to develop and exchange educational materials. We are also eager to discuss best practices and transformational ideas for our mutual growth and development.

5. Advocacy

To advocate on issues of conservation and the environment in line with organizational objectives.

EDEN works with a wide range of people, from landowners, organizations and government representatives, to engage them in conservation issues promoting long-lasting behavioral changes that encourage sustainable livelihoods and resources.

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