Raising Nigerian kids to become earth stewards

16th February 2016

Eden Creation Care Initiative, an affiliated project of A Rocha International launched her on-the farm educational program with twelve (12) students and two teachers from Nazareth Model Christian School Gura Topp, Jos (16/02/2016). Seven (7) students from Sakai Destiny Secondary School (19/04/2016) and ten (10) students from Government Secondary School Hei-Rayfield (17/05/2016) have also visited the farm for the same program.
The programme was done in two phases, in the first phase, the students learnt about who Eden and A Rocha’s is, the biological, economical and medical importance of some trees and plants that can be seen around the farm and in their surroundings {such as Silk cotton tree (Ceiba pentandra), Silk tree (Albizia malacophylla), Mexican Sun flower (Tithonia diversifolia), Sun flecks (Guizotia scabra) and African Locust bean (Parkia biglobosa)}. They also learn about the different kinds of birds based on their various feeding behaviour.
At the second phase the students were engaged in a walk into the fish farm to watch birds and with the help of binoculars, the students were able to see Western grey plantain eater, Eurasian Marsh Harrier, Purple Heron, Squacco Heron amongst others.
The programme was a delightful one as both teachers and student expressed their delight in the new knowledge gained about their environment with reasons to take care of their environment. They pledged to try their possible best in their small way to take care of their environment in their school (through the conservation clubs) and at home.

On the Farm Education with Nazareth MC SchoolOn farm education with Sakai Destiny StudentsOn farm education wth GSS Hei Rayfield

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